About Me


My heartbeat started when I saw a huge mockup model of H2A rocket at JAXA when I was 8. Since then I dreamed of building something that flies like Rockets and Aircrafts. My interest moved towards a field between computer and aerospace, which led me to complete the system design degree that includes computer science and mechanical engineering.


As an engineer, I have fully committed to building CanSat, CubeSat and on my research to prepare myself to be a professional engineer to develope an Autonomous Robots. As a business, I put all my effort to run an organization to provide a global internship to universities students worldwide. Both of these experiences have built my personality to design a product from both engineering and business point of views.


I grew up mostly in Japan and partially in Germany where I cultivated a skill to express myself and to cooperate with any nationalities. I am confident to work with people of different backgrounds and provide the best result that contributes to an organization’s growth, as can be seen from my past experiences.


My hobbies include traveling (30+ countries), reading, playing soccer, skiing.



M.S. Engineering, Keio University, March 2019 (Prospective)

B.S. System Design Engineering, Keio University, March 2017

Exchange, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Aug. 2015 – May. 2016