Suppression of Virtual Reality Sickness on Drone



Research Assistant

  • Developing a drone controller that aims to suppress the movement that may induce the virtual reality sickness.
  • Directed the entire project on my own from choosing the topic, planning, designing, implementation and presentation at AIAA (The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics) SciTech Conference 2018.
  • Conducted an end user survey to quantify the virtual reality sickness to use it as an evaluation criterion.
  • Incorporated a quadrotor modeling both on ROS and Unreal Real Engine to validate before moving onto hardware.
  • Implemented the real drone including, sensor driver, motion capture system driver for Simulink, Attitude Estimator (Madgwick Filter), and Height Estimator (Kalman Filter), as to assess the validity of my proposed system in the real world.


  1. Overview of my research (Taken from Microsoft Research)
  2. My Simulink Model and the AR Drone 2.0 that we are using
  3. 3D CAD Model of Drone Holder to test the attitude controller before flying



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